At Servesmiths we take pride in curating a diverse and exciting selection of beverages and treats to enhance your overall experience. Our commitment to quality extends to our suppliers, each carefully chosen to bring you the finest flavours from around the globe.

Assembly Coffee 
Our house blend comes from Brixton based coffee roastery, Assembly Coffee, known for roasting rarest and highest quality coffees using precise methods. To keep things intriguing, we also feature a rotating guest supplier each week, ensuring you enjoy a global tapestry of flavours. From the rich, bold notes of our house blend to the unique profiles introduced by our guest suppliers, your coffee experience is curated to perfection.

Good & Proper Tea
Good & Proper are dedicated to sourcing the finest single-origin teas globally. Meticulously chosen for their distinct and rich flavour profiles, these teas reflect the unique terroir of their origin. Beyond the exquisite taste, Good & Proper is a certified B Corp, which means their organisation meets the highest standards of social and environmental impact. They pride themselves in using biodegradable tea bags, underscoring their conscientious approach to environmental responsibility.

Prana Chai
Handcrafted from fresh, whole spices sourced globally, Prana Chai's sticky chai is a celebration of natural and honest ingredients. The crackling of spices combined with tea and honey, all done by hand, ensures the preservation of Prana (life force) in the product. No machines, additives, or preservatives are used, promising an authentic and delightful experience.

Unordinary Oats Milk 
(un)ordinary oat milk is smooth, silky, and delicious and is guaranteed to add the ideal texture to your espresso or a creamy boost to your tea or coffee. This plant-based delight is suitable for both vegans and vegetarians and is crafted from 100% British oats.

Bunhead Bakes Buns
Every weekend we stock the fluffiest buns inspired from Bunhead Bakes, known for their authentic Palestinian flavours. Thick, fluffy, and bursting with taste, these buns, including Cinnamon, Baklava, and Rose and Cardamon, are a delightful treat that quickly disappear!

Baked goods 
Our croissants are unofficially the biggest in the borough, and our legendary vegan-friendly banana bread is a crowd-pleaser. Explore our specials, featuring doughnuts, crodoughs, sausage rolls, and our new addition, sourdough bread.  

Rise Blitzed Grain Porridge Pots 
Start your day right with Rise Blitzed Grain Porridge Pots. Packed with simple yet nutritious ingredients, these pots prove that you don't need to compromise flavour for nutrition. 

Peckham Preserves 
These seasonal preserves are made not to far away in Peckham. They’re perfect take home to elevate your breakfast. Made with seasonal produce, they are handmade with care and attention to detail!

 We're dedicated to offering you a diverse and unforgettable experience, from the first sip to the last bite. Come and indulge in the finest flavours from around south London, carefully curated for your enjoyment.